Friday, April 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (#4)

--- 1 ---
My baby turned 1 yesterday! He had a rough night the night before. As my husband said, he was trying to help us relive our last night before he was born when we couldn't sleep because we were both terrified. But we weren't terrified this Wednesday night. We were angry because my son wouldn't stop crying unless he was nursing and he wouldn't nurse without biting me. I wonder in retrospect if his teeth were hurting him, but I wasn't able to think clearly at 3 AM.
--- 2 ---
Yesterday was a pretty normal day, except we went to Applebee's for dinner. James couldn't eat anything there yet. We brought some baby food for him, but he wouldn't take it. We considered telling the staff that it was his birthday just to see how he'd react if they all started singing to him. The service wasn't great though. The waitress made us angry so we decided we wouldn't bother with the singing after all.
--- 3 ---
In a couple weeks we will have the obligatory messy cake face picture. I'm kind of bummed he won't be able to eat any of it. Unless there's a miracle and he suddenly decides that food that doesn't come from Mommy isn't so bad after all.

Baby's first diabetic coma

--- 4 ---
It really appears that James is going to be walking before he's crawling. Earlier this morning, he tried to stand up on his own using my footstool.

Someday James will be able to stand and make that exact face without his Dad propping him up
--- 5 ---
Not a whole lot else happening in my corner of the world. My Confirmation kids shared this video with me:

--- 6 ---
On a related note, am I the only person in the northeast whose heard of a teaching Mass? It's a Mass where the priest stops every once in a while to explain why we're doing what we're doing. I went to a couple of them in MO. The RCIA program did one annually. My Baptism/Confirmation/First Eucharist was one. My wedding was supposed to be one (it kinda was). I really think my Confirmation students would benefit from having one. If anyone reading this is from central New York and knows a priest who does them, please let me know.
--- 7 ---
James is having his one year check-up this afternoon. Here's to hoping there is no shots involved!
She looks so excited to be there.

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  1. Bethanie,

    I shall warn you that I write exceedingly long comments on blogs! Your husband Matt and I went to elementary school together. The ages of 11-13 years-old are tough for anyone and I still cringe when I think about life back then. I was very shy, extremely depressed, and probably not so nice at times and yet, your husband put up with my nonsense. I will always remember the great kindness that Matt showed me and the others around him and I am happy to see that he has found you and has a beautiful son. I also always knew that he would become an engineer :) Anyway, because of Matt, I just discovered your blog and I have been devouring it.

    You are are very talented writer and I enjoy reading your insights. Your article "The Fourth Party" was eloquently written and I appreciate your raw honesty. As women, we are blessed with the ability to conceive and carry a human within us. We hear about everyone else's amazing moments of giving birth and yet, it can be so traumatic.

    It never ceases to amaze me the number of c-sections that are performed in the United States. Some c-sections are of medical necessity, but many are scheduled--so far in advance. Some are the request of the mother and others are pushed upon scared 1st time mothers who look to their doctors for their medical knowledge. Uncertainty is a tough pill to swallow for many. I admit that I am one of them who suffers from anxiety over things that I cannot control.

    As I am sure you have heard before, you are not alone in your feelings for depression surrounding the birth of your precious child, James. Being unable to hear his first cry. While I did not undergo a c-section, the birth of my daughter was traumatic. Traumatic by the unknown. The labor was smooth but the scary diagnosis of Down syndrome overshadowed the joyous occasion of her entry into the world. All I could see was the diagnosis. I looked at my little girl and loved her, but I was scared. Yet, there was indeed the Fourth Party present. God was there. He gave us the gift of Ellie. The gift of life.

    Every year when I have those feelings of guilt. Feelings that I missed out on my little girl's newborn period due to fear and depression, I remember what is important--life. Like you, I hear the Serenity Prayer.

    A very happy birthday to dear James and a happy mother's day to you.

    -Anna (Bruns) Theurer

  2. Thank you. I've been reading your stuff for a while. I wrote a post about Down Syndrome a little over a year ago and Matt read it. His main complaint was that I wasn't writing from experience. He suggested that I write a follow-up post linking to parents of kids with Down Syndrome and he mentioned your blog in particular. I've "liked" your blog on FB. :)

    Matt's still putting up with people's nonsense. Mainly mine. With age, James is really catching up to me though in regards to level of craziness.

    I hope you have a good mother's day, too. Give Ellie a hug for me. She's an awesome kid.


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