What am I doing?

The purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts and knowledge on various subjects. Mainly, I will be covering religion, medical issues and women's issues as those are my main interests. I'm also trying to keep my writing skills sharp, so don't be afraid to criticize me.

However, I want "The Syrophoenician Woman" to one day be more than just my random, sometimes not-quite-orthodox musings on whatever strikes my fancy. My ultimate dream for her is to be a collaborative blog written by women writers, theologians, and other deep thinkers. I feel that is in the spirit of who the Syrophoenician woman was. She was an outsider who questioned God. Do you battle with God and Church teaching? I want to hear from you regardless if you have come to full agreement or a good understanding of the Church's teachings. As long as you want to learn and you want to teach, I want your help. If you want to help me make "The Syrophoenician Woman" into what she is meant to be, please e-mail me at bss434@gmail.com

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  1. Hello to you and your courage in publishing what can frequently be controversial.
    Came to your contribution solely for get the correct spelling of Syrophoenician.
    Fourscore years old, I am a bit of an old boy in search of understanding scripture. That Syrophoenician woman incident raises another very important, if not the most fundamental important question one could ask about the sacrifice of Jesus: Why did he say that he had only come for the lost sheep of the house of Israel? The whole of Isaiah chapter 53 will shed some light on that.
    Life can be difficult. I lost a daughter to a brain tumour at age 7. The older one has a measure of intellectual disability due to oxygen deprivation at birth at 3:00am Christmas morning 1958 at a country hospital.
    Questions that may come to mind: Why all this? What did I do wrong? Then again why not, because unforseen occurrences are our lot at this time.
    I shall send you a brief email. Yes I also want to teach, but only what is true and in keeping with the will of God. I promise not to bother you and disturb your peace of mind. Been with one religion for 50 of my eighty years and shunned now by all for allowing the word of God to have priority.
    No longer religious, I am not associated with any religion now, nor shall I ever. Once burned twice shy.
    Bye and please continue to love God and your family.


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