Who am I?

Good question! I'm a freelance writer and stay-at-home mother. I was married in 2011 and I had my first child in 2012. I'm originally from Kansas City, MO. I currently live in Syracuse, New York. I have recently completed my Masters in Pastoral Studies via distance learning from Aquinas Institute of Theology. I am training to be a lay hospice/hospital chaplain. I have a deep interest in life issues and medical ethics. I also have a passion for women's issues. I am currently serving as a intern at Feminists for Life. I write for Ignitum Today and YOUCATholic. I volunteer with the John Paul II Center for Women. I love to teach and I try to learn something new everyday.

I am a convert to the Catholic Church. Once my conversion story is published in whyimcatholic.com I will put a link to it here. It suffices to say I was raised in a non-religious household. I searched for God from a very young age and I found God on December 12, 2005 in the Roman Catholic Church. While I try to be a faithful Catholic, I still have respect for all of the world's religions. I like an analogy my Eastern Religions professor used to use. God is an ocean and all religions are different cups. Every cup has some of the ocean in it, but no one cup can contain it all. I want to help you to understand the "bit of God" in my cup and I would love to learn about the "bit of God" in yours.


  1. Wonderful! I posted on your Down Syndrome blog and am a pro life christian myself. We're on opposite ends of the U.S. (California but born in TN and raised in Ark., hehe) and plans to become an RN thanks to my lil guy and god showing me lifes path for my self and my husband..

    1. Yeah, it's really weird how life turns out. I had some difficult experiences in the birth of my son and particularly with the post-partum depression and it's led me to want to write a book about it. Having kids changes everything! Also, we're on other sides of the country now, but we we're that terribly far from each other at first. How did you wind up moving halfway across the country? Mine was because of my husband's job.

  2. god bless you & your family !!!

  3. Has God sent a prophet? www.thewarningsecondcoming.com
    Be sure to read about the “Seal of the Living God” found on the homepage links - *a Biblical reference to this topic: Rev.chapter 7


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