Friday, August 21, 2015

The Drosten's Curse: Yet Another Doctor Who Review

This book was so much fun! I enjoyed every second of it and I'm sure you will to.

The Drosten's Curse is a classic Doctor Who novel featuring the Fourth Doctor and people being eaten alive at a golf course. The mystery is thick and complex. How are all of these people being eaten alive? Who are these creepy twins that seem to appear out of nowhere? Why is their sand in the pool at the resort's spa? Why is the TARDIS going nuts? Who is this weirdo who is so utterly obsessed with the receptionist? And, speaking of obsession, who is this old lady who is obsessed with octopuses and doesn't seem to remember anything?

I am not terribly familiar with the Old Who, so this book was delightfully packed with great little nuggets and facts I'd never heard of. The Fourth Doctor shines in all of his goofy glory. I found myself laughing in surprise as I learned so much stuff about him in so little time.

The novel is a great blend of humor and suspense that will keep you up reading late into the night. All of your questions are eventually answered, but not necessarily in a way you could expect. No one (well, almost no one) and nothing (well, almost nothing) is as it seems at this golf course, hotel and spa.

I got the opportunity to read this book through my membership in Blogging for Books. If you want to get free books so you can blog about them, they are the place to go.