Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Deep Time with Doctor Who and Trevor Baxendale

Looking for something fun to read? Look no further. Deep Time by Trevor Baxendale is as fun as they come.

Like any good Doctor Who novel, it reads like an episode and you can hear the actors' voices through the dialogue. There is plenty of mystery and your typical amount of 'wtf?' moments. What do I mean? Well, mystery first: you discover very gradually everything you need to know about the the main alien, the Phaeron. Second, 'wtf?': several things are not explained or just ignored. For example, just about everything about a character named Marco. As is true for many aspects of the Doctor Who universe, you just have to take some things at face value and not think too much.

These 'wtf?' moments do not detract from the story and the fun journey to another world with the Doctor. A taste:

'What the hell was this place?' Hobbo wondered aloud, her voice echoing backwards and forwards along the tunnel.

The Doctor either didn't hear her or didn't bother to reply. He strode confidently ahead, using his sonic screwdriver to light the way. The cool green glow revealed what seemed to be an intricate cave system carved out by unknown hands. The circular walls and floor were oddly smooth and etched with obscure markings. 

Hobbo hurried to keep up. 'This is gettin' weirder all the time. Do you know where we're even goin'?'

'I'm trying to home in on the signal from my TARDIS.' The Doctor paused to fiddle with the screwdriver for a minute and then held it up to his ear, listening carefully. 'It's getting weaker all the time, even though we seem to be getting closer. I don't understand...'
'This place is like a maze,' said Jem. 

A blue glow appeared around the corner, and the now familiar robed shape stepped into view. Jem watched in barely concealed awe as the birdlike face turned slowly within the shadow of its hood to look directly at her. Nictitating eyelids flicked across the dark eyes and then the wraith vanished.

'We must keep on,' Jem said. 'Go deeper into the caves. The Phaeron are waiting for us. They're calling us!'

Tell me you don't want to know what 'wraith' is. Even if you don't know what 'nictitating' means.

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