Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Plague on Both Your Houses

Once again, we hear in the news about a pregnant teacher losing her job at a Christian school because she got pregnant out of wedlock. I appreciate the fact that Lifesite news seemed pretty unbiased in covering this story. If they had picked a side, I probably would have thrown over a desk.

So, a woman signs a contract saying she'll live up to the Christian ideal to be a good role model for the students. She falls. We all fall. Nobody is perfect. Didn't Christ Himself say that whoever among you that is without sin cast the first stone?

This does not mean that actions do not have consequences. I'm not saying that she should have been kept on as a teacher. But what is worse?

Having sex outside of marriage


Kicking a pregnant woman out?

She set a poor example for her students of chastity. The school's administration is setting a poor example to the whole world as to what it means to be pro-life. The number one cause of abortion in this country is the worry that you will not be able to financially support the child. Yes, she broke her contract and for that she needs to be moved out of her position. That will show the children that actions have consequences. But she needs a job and out of respect for the unborn child, the school should help her secure employment elsewhere. 

And what makes this latest story worse is that the father of the child was offered a job at the very same school! So, the school knows he had premarital sex, but he gets offered a job while she gets fired. Is this because the woman has the misfortune of being the one whose sin is blatantly obvious to the world? 

This stuff gets on the news because those who look down upon Christianity rejoice in stories like this. They've caught us committing one of secular society's cardinal sins: hypocrisy. It is a sin in the Bible, too. 

No, we don't need to worry about what people think of us. 

But we do need to think about that unborn baby and the status of unborn babies everywhere.

If we don't defend them, who will?


  1. The contract, [according to KGTV] in part, says “… sexually immoral behavior, including premarital sex, adultery, pornography and homosexuality …” are not allowed.

    So you would allow a teacher who broke any of these prohibitions after freely signing the contract agreement to stay on?

    1. Yeah, that's the issue. She did sign the contract and actions do need to have consequences. But on the other hand, you have a mother and baby here who need the paycheck. I think as a witness to being pro-life the school should do something to help them either secure other employment or (I just thought of this after reading noreen's comment) connect her with charity and/or gov't agencies that could help her. I think that would make a good balance between justice and mercy. Thank you for your comment.

  2. This is a touchy issue indeed Bethanie. With our current day society almost glorifying teen pregnancies on MTV, I can understand the school's desire to uphold a higher standard for their employees. If a Christian school won't than what does that say to the world? It makes a mockery out of the moral of no premarital sex. She obviously knew the risk when she signed that contract but now is the real dilemma.

    The precious unborn baby.

    Jobs are scarce these days and unless this is coming from a Christian school that is affluent, it would be hard to reassign her.

    She did make the right choice to have her baby... and I applaud her for being courageous in this regard. And to offer her position to her fiance is being hypocritical of the school. He is just as guilty in having premarital sex... he just doesn't have the pregnancy to reveal his sin.

    I read the article and I don't like her comment of "I was unmarried, pregnant and they took away my livelihood.” She threw it away when she made the decision to get pregnant. By agreeing to have sex, she was in essence, agreeing to have a baby if one resulted. She may have never thought it would happen, but that's the risk you take.

    Prayers are needed for her, her baby and the school.

    1. Thank you for your comment. You bring up two very good points that I didn't think of when I first wrote this post. 1) That the school has an obligation to set their employees to a higher standard because to world has set the bar so low. When I wrote this, I didn't even think of how the media glorifies pre-marital sex and how that could relate to the story. Maybe it's a testament to my young age that I don't realize how much my standards have been affected by the media. 2) That the school might not have the resources to help her find other work. Maybe they could help her by getting her in contact with agencies and groups that could help her. Thank you for making me think.


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