Thursday, August 1, 2013

Because He's Breathing

This heart-wrenching story is about a family who were horribly wrongly educated about the Christian views about homosexuality and the deadly results. 

Picture taken from the article
It took their son's death from overdose to realize that they should have loved and accepted him regardless of his sexual orientation. They tried to support him while being faithful to their faith. No Christian denomination (including and especially Catholic) teaches that we are supposed to hate gay people. People are people regardless of their sexual orientation. Everyone is a beloved child of God. 

Another sad thing about this article is the comments section. I usually don't read the comments on articles because the idiots tend to come out in the com-boxes, but I was asked to. Many, many people were using this story to bash organized religion. Organized religion is never the culprit. If you read all the founders of the major religions, you'd know that they all teach love. Religion isn't the problem, it is sometimes the followers who are sinful and foolish.

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